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We are reliable and most efficient suppliers of Sassafras oil with high purity (>99%). We do supply purity organic sassafras oil with safrole and that with non safrole as well as other crude and refined oils.

As a brief intro about us, we are MARCO VENTURE GROUP, best suppliers of crude and refined oil of various species ( i.e Palm oil, Soyabean oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, essential sassafras oil, CDRO etc.). We are located in central and west Africa precisely in Cameroon we located at Great Soppo, Apt 22, Buea Road, S. W Reguion of Cameroon with branches in many region around the globe.

Our price is competitive and negotiable depending on customer order quantity. Our delivery is safe, fast and reliable. Contact our sales department now with your exact order quantity (in Liters or lbs) if you are interested. We have the sincerity to cooperate with you as long as you want us to.

Contact us now if you are interested with your exact number of Liters, or lbs you want from us as well as you destination address against our dedicated response. You are welcome.

Sassafras oil was formerly used in numerous household fragrance applications such as floor waxes, polishes, soaps, detergents and cleaning agents. Its ability to blend with other oils and its powerful masking properties made it valuable for such purposes.

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